CauseWash - Rochester, NY

About Us

About Us 

Caregivers and volunteers are the unsung heroes of the community, and there are many worthy causes that rely on the generosity of others in order to thrive. CauseWash was created to help these organizations continue to make an invaluable difference in the communities they serve.


What We Do

We've combined our core beliefs of paying it forward and buying local to support important causes through an activity that many of us take part in all year long: going to the car wash.

For the Community
When you purchase car washes from, $15 of each $32.75 wash package ($5 per wash) goes directly to the cause you support. 100% of the money raised in your community stays in your community.

For the Causes
Fundraising is vital to the health of many of the causes that serve our communities. We offer local non-profits a zero-cost fundraising platform that helps raise money and awareness of their specific cause.

For our Car Wash Partners
We give car wash owners the opportunity to show their support for local causes while giving them and their customers an easy opportunity to give back to their communities all year long.

Media Inquiries

Thank you for your interest in CauseWash. Media coverage is invaluable to the non-profit organizations we support. Rather than contacting us, we hope you’ll take the opportunity to speak directly with the local causes on this site. 


If You Like Us

If you’re a fan of what we do, help us make a difference by purchasing washes.